How to Make a ReleaseΒΆ

A core developer should use the following steps to create a release X.Y.Z of scikit-build.

  1. Configure ~/.pypirc as described here.
  2. Make sure that all CI tests are passing: AppVeyor, CircleCI and TravisCi.
  3. Update version numbers and download count:
  1. Commit the changes using title scikit-build X.Y.Z.

  2. Create the source tarball and binary wheels:

    git checkout master
    git fetch upstream
    git reset --hard upstream/master
    rm -rf dist/
    python sdist bdist_wheel
  3. Upload the packages to the testing PyPI instance:

    twine upload --sign -r pypitest dist/*
  4. Check the PyPI testing package page.

  5. Tag the release. Requires a GPG key with signatures. For version X.Y.Z:

    git tag -s -m "scikit-build X.Y.Z" X.Y.Z upstream/master
  6. Upload the packages to the PyPI instance:

    twine upload --sign dist/*
  7. Check the PyPI package page.

  8. Make sure the package can be installed:

    mkvirtualenv skbuild-pip-install pip install scikit-build rmvirtualenv skbuild-pip-install

  9. Add a Next Release section back in CHANGES.rst and merge the result.

  10. Push local changes