Source code for skbuild.command.generate_source_manifest

"""This module defines custom ``generate_source_manifest`` setuptools

from __future__ import annotations

import os
import subprocess
import sys

from distutils.cmd import Command

from ..constants import SKBUILD_DIR, SKBUILD_MARKER_FILE
from . import set_build_base_mixin

[docs] class generate_source_manifest(set_build_base_mixin, Command): """Custom setuptools command generating a `MANIFEST` file if not already provided.""" description = "generate source MANIFEST"
[docs] def initialize_options(self) -> None: """Set default values for all the options that this command supports."""
[docs] def run(self) -> None: """ If neither a `MANIFEST`, nor a `` file is provided, and we are in a git repo, try to create a `` file from the output of `git ls-tree --name-only -r HEAD`. We need a reliable way to tell if an existing `MANIFEST` file is one we've generated. distutils already uses a first-line comment to tell if the `MANIFEST` file was generated from ``, so we use a dummy file, `_skbuild_MANIFEST`, to avoid confusing distutils. """ do_generate = ( # If there's a file, we assume that we had nothing to do # with the project's manifest. not os.path.exists("") # otherwise, we check to see that there is no MANIFEST, ... if not os.path.exists("MANIFEST") # ... (if there is one,) that we created it else os.path.exists(SKBUILD_MARKER_FILE()) ) if do_generate: try: with open("", "wb") as manifest_in_file: # Since Git < 2.11 does not support --recurse-submodules option, fallback to # regular listing. try: cmd_out = ["git", "ls-files", "--recurse-submodules"], stdout=subprocess.PIPE, check=True ).stdout except subprocess.CalledProcessError: cmd_out =["git", "ls-files"], stdout=subprocess.PIPE, check=True).stdout git_files = [git_file.strip() for git_file in cmd_out.split(b"\n")] manifest_text = b"\n".join([b"include %s" % git_file.strip() for git_file in git_files if git_file]) manifest_text += b"\nexclude" manifest_in_file.write(manifest_text) except subprocess.CalledProcessError: sys.stderr.write( "\n\n" "Since scikit-build could not find or " "MANIFEST, it tried to generate a file " "automatically, but could not because it could not " "determine which source files to include.\n\n" 'The command used was "git ls-files"\n' "\n\n" ) raise if not os.path.exists(SKBUILD_DIR()): os.makedirs(SKBUILD_DIR()) with open(SKBUILD_MARKER_FILE(), "w", encoding="utf-8"): # touch pass
[docs] def finalize_options(self, *args: object, **kwargs: object) -> None: """Set final values for all the options that this command supports."""