Source code for skbuild.command.sdist

"""This module defines custom implementation of ``sdist`` setuptools command."""

import contextlib
import os

from distutils import log as distutils_log
from distutils.command.sdist import sdist as _sdist

from . import set_build_base_mixin
from ..utils import distribution_hide_listing, new_style

[docs]class sdist(set_build_base_mixin, new_style(_sdist)): """Custom implementation of ``sdist`` setuptools command."""
[docs] def make_distribution(self): """This function was originally re-implemented in setuptools to workaround and later ported to scikit-build to ensure symlinks are maintained. """ with self._remove_os_link(): super(sdist, self).make_distribution()
@staticmethod @contextlib.contextmanager def _remove_os_link(): """In a context, remove and restore ```` if it exists. """ # copied from setuptools.sdist class NoValue: pass orig_val = getattr(os, 'link', NoValue) try: del except Exception: pass try: yield finally: if orig_val is not NoValue: setattr(os, 'link', orig_val)
[docs] def make_release_tree(self, base_dir, files): """Handle --hide-listing option.""" with distribution_hide_listing(self.distribution): super(sdist, self).make_release_tree(base_dir, files)"copied %d files" % len(files))
# pylint:disable=too-many-arguments, unused-argument
[docs] def make_archive(self, base_name, _format, root_dir=None, base_dir=None, owner=None, group=None): """Handle --hide-listing option.""""creating '%s' %s archive and adding '%s' to it", base_name, _format, base_dir) with distribution_hide_listing(self.distribution): super(sdist, self).make_archive( base_name, _format, root_dir, base_dir)
[docs] def run(self, *args, **kwargs): """Force :class:`.egg_info.egg_info` command to run.""" self.run_command('generate_source_manifest') super(sdist, self).run(*args, **kwargs)